A Day in the Life of a Pre-Bac Student

If you are taking one pre-Bac class or all pre-Bac classes in the fall, here is a quick snapshot of what class will look like.

World History II PB

Course content and objectives: World History II PB is a study of the modern world since the 16th century. An understanding of the relationships among history, geography, economics, and civics in the development of the modern world will be emphasized. Spatial concepts of geography will be connected to the chronological development of nations and peoples. Analysis and evaluation of issues, people, and the environment are emphasized for their connection to historical events. Research and analysis of data are significant requirements of the course. (Research includes the integration of art, literature, music, geography, and technology). The course will also help prepare students for their future IB history classes by increasing the emphasis on reading and writing using historical sources. Additionally, students will be introduced to terms and concepts related to the IB program.

A day in World History II PB: We start the day with a current event - CNN Student News. After watching the news, we discuss how stories covered have impacted or may impact the world. Next, we spend about 20 to 40 minutes discussing our lesson (topic) of the day. The discussion can include interactive notes, readings, research, source documents, Socratic seminars, debates, presentations, role plays, use of technology, and the like. The remainder of class includes activities that reinforce and enrich the day’s topic. The activities are heavily based on partner and group assignments.

How to be successful in this class:

  • Complete all homework assignments (written and readings).
  • Review the daily notes/handouts each night.
  • Ask questions and participate in class discussions. 

English 9 Pre-IB

“A Day in Le Croy’s Class” 
Some students say that “the day begins with talking to classmates and unpacking” while a typical day for me begins with a MUG shot sentence. This is a grammar sentence written down individually and then corrected as a class. Writer’s Workshop comes next. We write in our notebooks every single day. We start with 10 minutes and move up in time as the year progresses. This writing is more creative and laid back, and the rules are broad. The rest of the class varies by the design of the unit (summer reading is first) with an analytical essay as the final. We build on writing essays each unit embedding quotations and adding multiple texts. The bulk of reading (and writing while reading) is outside of class in order to have group discussions. Students constantly work in pairs and groups because this class is set up to learn how to communicate effectively with each other through verbal and written expression. It is vital the work is completed so students are prepared to engage, to learn, and some even say, to have fun. 

Top Three from Current Students:

  • Get assignments done, don’t procrastinate.
  • The work load will seem hard at first, but you will appreciate it later.
  • Actually read the books assigned. Kids will tell you that you can get away without reading, but you should read the books. 

Pre-Bac Biology

This class will cover all the major topics needed to do well on the Biology SOL with an emphasis on digging deeper into the information so that you are well-prepared for IB Biology HL if you choose to take it as a junior/senior. We do many in-class labs and activities and often work in pairs or in small lab groups of three to four. Science as a process is emphasized. In a typical day, we will review previously learned material, go over new information, and do a lab or activity that will help to reinforce the new information.

How to be successful in the class (according to the teacher!):

  • Complete all your homework! Homework is often taking the notes the night before we go over a topic so that we can focus on the information/topics in class that students are having trouble with instead of taking in-class notes. Homework also reinforces the material covered in class and lets students know if they need extra help or if they have mastered the material.
  • Ask questions when you are having difficulty in class, and come in for extra one-on-one help when necessary! Biology can be challenging, but students learn that if they put in the effort and work hard to learn the material, they can do it and be very successful in the class.  
  • Study actively for quizzes and tests. A lot of the information covered in this class is new and builds on what you learned in life science rather than repeating it. Two to three quizzes are given each unit and a unit test will often cover three to four topics.  
  • Come to class with a positive attitude and participate in all activities! You will find that you are capable of much more than you thought you were.  

How to be successful in this class (according to my current students):

  • I know that in middle school, you can easily get an A on a quiz/test without studying but in Mrs. Trickett’s class is is very important to study. There is no word bank ever, and the questions never have hints if she can help it. You getting the right answer depends fully on your work to learn the material.  
  • Always add a little extra to questions on quizzes and tests, and add detail!
  • Ask questions whenever you are confused. Mrs. Trickett will probably have a good answer.
  • Study the quizlets for quizzes. It will seriously help you do well on the quizzes and tests.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Study the day you get your new notes. This helps incredibly. 

Algebra II Pre-Bac (read Algebra II Awesomeness!) 

Have you secretly enjoyed math all your life but never felt like there was anyone you could share your passion with? Have you walked around feeling like everyone else was blind to the mathematical beauty surrounding them? Do you love the search for truth? Then welcome to Algebra II Pre-baccalaureate! This is a fast paced, rigorous math class that has high expectations and dives deep into the Algebra II curriculum. It is a class where concept is emphasized as much as process, and the expectation is that once it is learned, it should always be known! While a calculator will be used at times, the majority of your time (and assessments) will be completed without one. A successful student must first and foremost be prepared to work hard. You will have to practice to be successful in this class, and sometimes that practice will be of your own choice. That means you can’t simply know what you know and don’t know, but you must then work at getting better at the latter. This could range from extra practice at home, internet searches for additional content and instruction, or yes, extra time during your teacher’s office hours to figure it out. Another step toward success is having a strong foundation in number-sense and algebra skills. Worried you are a little shaky on those? There’s no better time than now to get working on it! Take a look at Khan Academy or any number of additional online resources to begin strengthening and honing your math power!

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